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A Healthy Mind Is A Happy Mind: Factors For A Happy Mind

One of the secrets of having a healthy body is having a healthy mind. A happy mind makes a healthy body. All we care about is our physical health but we tend to ignore how our mental well-being is affecting our physical wellbeing. We should remember that emotional well-being is just as important. So, let’s see what are the important factors for a happy mind. These factors are important for both in children and in adults. 

1. Being hopeful and optimistic

This is a positive emotion or feeling that something you want will happen. It is good to be optimistic because if you do not have positive expectations than you start having negative thoughts about how unworthy you are or start having insecurity about yourself. Treat your thoughts like your best friend to whom you always give hope and with that hope you help your best friend to pass darker days. Choosing to be hopeful and optimistic gives strength to your mind to fight any battle.

2. Self-awareness

People are content when they know who they are and what they need. Imagine that you are college graduate and you immediately start hunting for jobs without reflecting what you want in life. Even if you get a job, there is a high chance that you might not be happy because you never sat down and thought for a second what you wanted deep inside. Maybe you do not want to take job immediately rather learn something new or gain an experience. Rather than running with society’s expectation, a way to a happy mind is being aware of what you want to do and knowing what makes you happy.

3. Courage

Happiness is a choice that people have to make. We are constantly worrying about what others think about our choices and we try to fit in. It takes a lot of courage to say, “No! I don’t like it” when 10 other people might be liking it. It takes a lot of courage to admit that you are different.

Well, this is from a personal experience. I was a bright student and after SLC, my parents and relatives wanted me to take science in high school. However, I wanted to study management, and persuading my parents and telling them why it is not always necessary for bright students to take science took a lot of courage. Today, I am doing Master’s in business administration. I am happy with the path I chose. Imagine I had not taken this choice. I would be miserable and would spend reading about something I do not have interest on.

4. Open-mindedness

Open minded people are having the happiest mind because they are not affected by a single event whether it is failure or a grand success. Open-minded people see things differently as they become open to new ideas, become creative, and are motivated to explore the world without any fear.

Always remember that your mind is your best friend who you always want to be happy and you are constantly there to provide hope and give strength. Just like how you want your best friend to be happy, make sure you also want your mind to be happy.

2 replies on “A Healthy Mind Is A Happy Mind: Factors For A Happy Mind”

kampus jawa timursays:

Thanks for sharing this useful information! Hope that you will continue with the kind of stuff you are doing.

Mayank Agrawalsays:

Mind is our best friend if we take care of it and with due diligence we can not just boost our productivity but also improve our overall health.

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