Covid-19 Updates


Samvabhya foundation at time of covid-19

Sambhavya Foundation, at the time of Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown imposed by various local governments throughout the nation, has initiated an ‘Online Counseling Program’. Here, our efforts are directed towards awareness of as many people as possible, about mental health, psycho-social well-being and provision of online and tele-counseling services. We have targeted schools, quarantine hotels, NGO/INGOs and other organizations/companies like banks, social clubs and many more. Our motivation stems from the recent circumstances that has left countless individuals without work or income, moreover, students are home-bound, some far away from their schools and friends. Throughout the world, many psychologists and mental health experts have stated that the recent situations lead to experiences of issues like anxiety, depression, isolation, family disputes, exposure to domestic violence, stress due to financial crisis. Furthermore, it is a heart breaking fact to know more than 2000 individuals have lost their lives by suicide as a result of such circumstances. Sambhavya Foundation, since the beginning of the lockdown has worked with a vision to reach everyone. In order to achieve such goals, Sambhavya Foundation has developed an online form that allows individuals to reach out to us at time of their need and our counselors personally call them to provide free counseling services. To this date, 1117 individuals have benefitted from the online counseling program centered around mental health awareness while, 119 have individually and 139 in a group, have benefitted from our counseling services.


Total contacted:  2710,

Total school:  94,

Total hotels:  91,

 Total sessions:  311,

 Counseling Individual:  200,

Students:   115(individual)    non students:  46

Group sessions:  38 ( 1091 participants)