(First date of Publication: September 13, 2021 FOR DEVELOPMENT OF SMARTPHONE APPLICATION)


Sambhavya Foundation established itself as a child & adolescent mental health organization from its inception in 2018. It has promoted mental health awareness and ‘Psycho-Social’ well-being directly amongst school-going students. The community-level approach expands the outreach of mental health awareness and services, traditionally central to cities like Kathmandu and other major cities, to remote regions of Nepal.

SAMBHAVYA FOUNDATION has planned to developed a smartphone application which will be used in the educational work in its mental health program and delivering Social-Emotional Learning(SEL) based School Mental Health services. The Android-based app will ensure the smooth operation of School Mental Health program, available support to our collaborating schools and clients, self-help resources while maintaining confidentiality of the users. The app will be used directly by students, parents, teachers and authorities of our collaborating schools, and also by the needed population. The overall goal of the application is to contribute for overall promotion of mental well-being of students, youth and targeted groups.

Therefore, SAMBHAVYA FOUNDATION invites proposal from the eligible and interested app development agencies/firm or qualified app developer for developing smart phone application. All eligible interested app development agency/firms and individual developers are requested to submit the technical and financial proposal either hard copy at the office premises or via in email at within 30th September 2021, 9 P.M with following details:

  • Brief description of agency/firm (for registered firms)

  • Detailed CVs of the independent apps developer 

  • Understanding of this TOR and suggested methodology

  • Financial proposal

  • Samples/portfolio of previous works

  • Company/Firm registration, VAT registration and Latest tax clearance certificate (for agencies/firms)

Only complete applications will be considered. SAMBHAVYA FOUNDATION reserves the rights to accept or reject any or all applications without assigning reasons whatsoever. The shortlisted FIRMS/INDIVIDUALS will be contacted at earliest.

The TOR of the smartphone application development can be downloaded from the link: Terms of Reference (TOR)