Online Counseling Program - Covid 19 pandemic and Lockdown

In the scenario of Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown, Sambhavya Foundation, taking into consideration the restriction on physical presence due to social distancing and financial crisis and rising number of suicide cases and mental health issues in all age groups, Online Counseling Program, was initiated on the 25th of July.  The program was initiated with reference to mental health issues stated by WHO and UNICEF, cited as fear of contracting covid-19 and/or death by covid-19, loss of sense and structure for students and isolation from friends and relatives, stress and fear of loss of job and future, exposure to family disputes and domestic violence and so on, faced by individuals at time of lockdown and pandemic.


       Throughout the 3 and half months of the program, Sambhavya Foundation was able to reach and provide around 3000 individuals with mental health awareness and psycho-social counseling awareness in the form of individual and group counseling.  The services were operated as 24-hour free counseling through online mediums like Messenger, Whatsapp and Viber and telephones.  Our team of counselors and psychologists were able to target quarantine hotels, schools, social organizations and independent individuals through Google Forms (Online Assessment Form for Adults and Online Assessment Form for students) which acted as registration and assessment.

School Mental health and school counseling program supported by Father Joseph L. Thaler

Fr. Joe Thaler, 69, is a Maryknoll Missioner in Nepal. He has spent nearly 30 years serving the people of Nepal.

Sambhavya Foundation works with Father Joseph L. thaler to provide psycho-social intervention to government schools throughout Nepal where the major aim is to promote school (student, teacher and parents) well-being and awareness about mental health in communal level through schools.

Rethink Mental Health Incorporated – Heart Program

Rethink Mental Health Incorporated is a Nevada based organization working for mental health advocacy and education through which they intend to de-stigmatize mental illness and encourage people to speak about their experience openly and seek professional help.

Sambhavya Foundation works with Rethink Mental Health Incorporated to provide government and private schools, the first curriculum based on psychology and mental health, named H.E.A.R.T. This course deals with topics of Humanity, Empathy, Advocacy, Responsibility and Toughness which together aids in psycho-social well-being of students.