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About Sambhavya

Sambhavya Foundation is a team of dedicated and enthusiastic school counselors, pursuits in MA Clinical Psychology and counseling psychologists glued together with a common goal of supporting education system through psychological counseling services. It is an organization established with an aim to provide mental health counseling services to everyone, especially focused on schools. To obtain these goals, Sambhavya Foundation deploys counselors to schools contracted to, for a year, where subject matters like emotional, academic, behavioral and social awareness and problems are addressed and tackled. Sambhavya Foundation works with schools in and out of Kathmandu Valley.

Established in the year 2018, centered around the idea of school counseling, this institute has been working its way towards its goal of encouraging mental well-being of every student of Nepal, reaching the most underprivileged and rural parts of the country. The approaches inclusive of group and individual counseling services within the boundaries of schools provide a healthy environment for school children to express themselves. Such strategies have been proven the most efficient in attaining a goal of adjustment and positive outlook of self and obstacles in life of students. In order to ensure these results are reached, Sambhavya Foundation continues these programs in a weekly basis for a year that includes follow ups and holistic programs with the involvement of concerned parties: Teachers, Administration and Guardians.

Sambhavya Foundation is currently working within and outside valley with a couple of schools, some run in collaboration with other organizations.


Ashish Shrestha

Executive Director

“School mental health addresses all aspects of social-emotional development of school-age children including wellness, mental illness, substance abuse, and effects of adverse childhood experiences. There is little data available regarding what provision is available, the focus and priorities of schools and the professionals involved in providing this support. 10–20% of school
students have a mental health problem of some type.

Manifestations such as attention deficits, cognitive disturbances, lack of motivation, and negative mood all adversely affect scholastic development. As there is minimal provision of
school mental health services in schools of Nepal, less emphasis is given on this school
mental health service though government have started the policy of school mental health

Sambhavya Foundation aims to support school administration, educators and teachers for the
intervention of these particular problems within schools and in the community for the better
foundation of student’s well-being and mental health for their better future. “