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The internship is intended to provide counseling interns/students with practical experience in settings where counseling services are offered. Interns will connect academic and theoretical learning to settings outside the classroom. The internship program offers a crucial pathway to future employment at Sambhavya Foundation. The standard internship program is designed to develop professional and skilled human resources in the counseling sector, especially in the school setting as well as Child and Adolescent Counseling.

The internship program will help intern students to gain practical work experience in the area of psychosocial counseling and school mental health services. The internship experience also provides intern students with evaluative feedback on their knowledge, attitudes, skills with specific client populations in relevant settings and supports the promotion of school mental health programs and services of Sambhavya Foundation through outreach, assessment, and delivery.


  • Post Graduate Diploma in Counseling Psychology/School Counseling, MA Psychology/Master in Counseling Psychology completed or running
  • The candidate must have a passion towards people, able to listen empathetically and be patient while dealing with adverse situations
  • The candidate must be willing to work in school setting
  • The candidate must have proper communication skills and be open to accept responsibilities while working in a team
  • You want to be a part of something great that positively impacts society


Why Join Us?
  • Standard and Structured Internship Program
  • You get to continuously learn and develop your skills
  • Exposure and networking opportunities. You get to work as a part of an innovative and diverse team.
  • Certification and letter of recommendation to add value to your resume
  • 100% Job opportunity to competent and deserving candidates
  • Access to mental health sessions and professional development trainings
  • Regular reflection/sharing  and motivational sessions
  • Regular supervision and mentorship

To Apply: Please send us your resume and a cover email explaining the motives behind joining the internship program at Sambhavya Foundation to internship@sambhavya.org.np

For Enquiry: Contact 9823084972

Only serious candidates will be selected for the internship program after an interview.

**Last Updated on February 26th, 2022

Internship Summary

Location: Kathmandu and field visits to Projected schools

Type:Paid Internship

Term: 90 days/ 540 hours