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Sambhavya Youth Council (SYC) is a network of enthusiastic youths between 18 to 25 years formed with a motive to bring change in the existing scenario of mental health in Nepal. SYC also acts as a support group for children, adolescents and youth to enhance their mental health well-being and ensure that every individual speak up for themselves.



Sambhavya launches SYC with initial 5 members and seeks more membership of passionate youths! So join us to unite, lead and change the scenario of Mental Health in Nepal.

Membership procedures and policies:

– Members should fill-up the registration form followed by the membership form in order to get and enrolled in the council.

– To get the membership, one should apply for it with membership fee.

– The executive committee shall retain the right to either confer or not membership to one eligible according to the memorandum of SYC

– Executive Members should be compulsorily present in the monthly meeting announced by the executive board of the council.

– Members should not have any kind of political involvement or some sort of criminal offences. In such cases membership will be terminated immediately.


Membership type:

  1. General member:

Membership Fee: NRs. 1,000, Annual Renewal: 500

  1. Special member:

The executive committee can grant Special membership for free to any distinguished youth who has made special contribution to the organization.

Apply now! Only 20 seats available

Note: Executive Committee of SYC reserves the right to select and award the membership to applicants

Last Update: May 03, 2022