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Contribute a little time, and change the scenario of School Mental Health and Child Adolescent in Nepal

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We love our volunteers! Your time and interest are some of the greatest gifts you can give for the promotion of School Mental Health and Child & Adolescent Well-being and to Sambhavya.

We’ll match your interests with opportunities to get involved, provide you with training and other benefits.

Join our team to give back, meet people, have fun, and make a difference.

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Upcoming Fundraising Charity Event

Children play therapy and counseling room project is a pioneer project in Nepal that seeks to fulfill it motto that says ‘No child left unheard’. Play therapy is a therapeutic method in Psychology treatment which has been practiced since long in other countries but it is a new concept here in Nepal. Play therapy not only assists to enhance mental health well being in school going children but also helps them build a better relationship with their family members and peers.

The event namely; “Make a difference”, soon going to be organized is targeted towards establishing a play therapy soon in Nepal in different schools as far as possible. This event is mainly focused on brining positive change in the lives of children via the establishment of play therapy rooms in schools. This event comprises several formal and informal short programs that is concerned with awareness of mental health among audience which is accompanied by fund raising activities.

Fund / donation in of utmost important for beginning of the project. Let’s join our hands for this big event going to be held in May, 2022.