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As we have always said, “We stand to understand”, we follow up these words in our professional and ethical grounds as well. The notion of empathy is the basis of modern human psychology and Sambhavya Foundation has structured its values, operations and agendas accordingly.

Initially, Sambhavya Foundation associated itself with schools outside of Kathmandu valley, specifically, Sindhupalchowk district. The services provided, was centered on school counseling to promote psycho- social well-being of students and teachers. Throughout the time period of 6 months however, Sambhavya Foundation noticed communal awareness regarding mental health through teachers and parents of the students. This new observation led to a development of organizational motives influenced by holistic method of counseling where through schools, teachers and parents, a community level well-being is to be achieved.

Sambhavya Foundation was aware that psycho-social intervention outside of urban areas were equally, if not, more important. Hence, an initiation was taken to provide ‘an empathetic ear’ to the far outreach of the whole nation. In other words, Sambhavya Foundation aimed to reach every school possible in Nepal.

Through a culmination of trial and errors and progressive evolution of goals, Sambhavya Foundation ambitiously visualizes psychosocial intervention for everyone.


The vision is supported by a mission to reach 35,000 government and private schools of Nepal. The organization aims to reach a 300 schools by 2026 to promote mental well-being and mental health awareness throughout the country.  Ensuring outreach to each individual, aids in reducing stigmas related to mental illness and legitimizes mental health to be taken seriously. A scenario of prevention and treatment of mental illness without obstacles is what Sambhavya Foundation seeks to create.

Our Values

  1. Innovative
  2. Professionalism
  3. Flexibility
  4. Meaningful Impact
  5. Collaboration